New Refrigerator Installations Should Be Done by Professionals

Your home is buzzing with excitement. You have finally bought a new refrigerator that has every feature you imagined. It will be delivered at the end of the week. You’re wondering if you should install it yourself. Refrigerator installation seems straightforward enough. Roll it into place and plug in. Hold it! There is much more involved. If you have an ice maker and or a chilled water dispenser, there is a water line and a drain line to connect.

For optimum performance your new refrigerator must be absolutely level. Leveling a new refrigerator can be a time-consuming task.

If there is an ice maker, it won’t be attached. In addition to running the water lines, your DIY installation requires ice maker assembly.

Top-of-the-line refrigerators arrive in a shipping box. The units are heavy and just unpacking the bulky shipping package can lead to sore or sprained muscles. Make life simple and hire an appliance installation specialist.

Appliance Installation Specialists Tampa

While installing refrigeration seems to be an ideal DIY project, it is more work than you might expect. When you hire a professional from DoneRite Home Services to do the installation, you can rest easy knowing that your new refrigeration installation is perfect and your appliance’s operation will be flawless and safe.

Benefits of a Professional Refrigerator Installation

When you contract with DoneRite Appliance Installation Specialists Tampa there are no surprises involving your refrigeration installation. There is no water damage to your kitchen, electrical problems are anticipated and eliminated before they occur, and your kitchen remains unscratched and unscathed no matter how large the new unit is. Installation service technicians are certified and know how to install your appliance so it performs at maximum efficiency. Service technicians give you valuable maintenance tips to make sure your refrigerator operates efficiently during the time you own it.

Questions New Refrigerator Buyers Often Ask

How Large of a Refrigerator Should I Buy?

Before going to the store to choose a refrigerator, measure the space where you plan to place it so that you can know the exact size of the spot where it will go. Make sure there is enough room to fully open the door. How much storage space do you need? What features do you want? Extra features can add to the size of the appliance.

How Much Time Does A Refrigerator Installation Take?

A full size, freestanding refrigerator installation takes under two hours to finish. But, if you bought a built-in refrigerator, the installation takes quite a bit longer. Your cabinets, flooring and countertops will all need major adjustments to install the refrigerator.

You have bought a dream appliance designed to give you many years of exceptional service. Call DoneRite Home Services, Appliance Installation Specialists Tampa, for exceptional installation service. It will work the first time you power it up and continue to do so without an installation-related problem. DoneRite guarantees it!