Just about any kind of food can be cooked in a microwave. Meats, fish, frozen foods, popcorn, even baked goods can be prepared via this renaissance appliance. Of course, you want to utilize to your microwave to its fullest potential. Proper maintenance is key to a well-performing microwave, especially if you desire food to be heated or cooked with high-quality results.

The reliable appliance installation experts at DoneRite have a few tips on how to make the most of your microwave, from cooking suggestions to maintenance ideas. You’ll guarantee to have tasty food no matter what makes it onto the turntable.

  • Keep it simple. When combined well, even the most basic ingredients can create a delicious meal.
  • Don’t cook food that has a hard skin. Hard-skinned items, such as eggs and potatoes, burst if they cook too long in the microwave, leaving a huge mess to clean up. Heat scrambled eggs without the shell, and poke holes in potato skins to prevent an explosion.
  • Go low-power. Thick foods require longer cooking times, and the food tends up too dry. Lower the microwave power to cook bulky foods thoroughly and maintain their moistness.
  • Put into small portions. Divide big blocks of food into smaller portions so it cooks faster.
  • Steam veggies. Why wait for water to boil on the stovetop when you can steam vegetables just as well in the microwave.
  • Diet smart. Fats and oils are not necessary for microwave cooking, so you can watch your waist and still eat well.
  • Stay clean. Old food stuck to the top and sides of the microwave’s interior affect the way other food tastes. Moreover, dried-on grime alters the performance of the microwave. Wipe up spills and crumbs as soon as they occur.

For more advice on how to use your appliances correctly, contact the reliable appliance installation professionals at DoneRite Home Services.