The kitchen oven is a large and expensive appliance, and you can’t afford to have anything go wrong with it sooner than expected. Not only will you have to purchase a new appliance, alternative plans for cooking meals every day must be put into play as well.

However, you can take measures to help lengthen the life of an oven and avoid unnecessary costs. Appliance installation specialists at DoneRite have a handful of tips to share with homeowners, so you know how to maintain the performance of your oven and other cooking appliances.

  • Don’t deviate from the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the booklet’s directions to a “t”, especially when it concerns continuous-cleaning and self-cleaning ovens. Do not clean appliances with abrasive cleansers, steel wool or other chemicals deemed not safe to use on the equipment.
  • Save with an industrial-strength surge protector. Safeguard electric appliances from power spikes with a heavy-duty surge protector.
  • Keep the appliances clean. Prevent fires and maintain the integrity of the oven and broiler pan by cleaning them regularly. Also, a glistening oven reflects heat more effectively, allowing for a well-baked cake or chicken. Grease-free components, such as knobs, last longer, too.
  • Refrain from aluminum foil. Lining the drip pans under the stovetop burners with aluminum foil is a popular way to avoid messes directly on the surface, and it’s an easy clean-up method. However, foil sheets block the vent situated beneath one of the rear burners.

Cooking equipment that is spotless, safe and efficient is less likely to break down; it inhibits fire hazards, and saves on money. Properly caring for your appliances will only prolong their life, as well as their performance.

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