Installing a New Dryer Cord

Large appliances can be intimidating beasts, especially when it comes to their installation and repair. Of course, major repairs require the handiwork of a professional, but there are some minor tasks you can perform on your own. One simple DIY job that you can do without having to hire outside help is to replace your old or broken dryer cord with a new one.

It is not difficult to install dryer cords correctly. In fact, it can be done in just a few simple steps. All you need is a screwdriver set.

  • Determine the correct size and amperage of dryer cord you’ll need. A label on the dryer will supply this information. Also make sure to buy a cord that is long enough. The cables typically come in five or six feet lengths. The longer, the better, as it will be a safer option.
  • Locate and uncover the electrical connection box on the back side of the dryer.
  • The dryer cord has three connections (some have four): the center is the neutral connection, and the outer two are the hot connections. Remove the mounting screws from all three connections.
  • Place the screws into each of the three wire terminals and mount them to the corresponding connectors. Make sure not to tighten the screws too much, as that may strip them.
  • Put the cover back on the electrical box.
  • Plug the other end of the dryer cord into the electrical socket.
  • Turn on the dryer to ensure it works properly.

By replacing the dryer cord, you will prevent an electrical fire from occurring in the home. Another way to snuff out the possibility of electrical fires is to contact DoneRite Home Services in Tampa. Our professional experts can install dryer machines, vents, cords and much more. Call 813-374-3938 to have your major appliances installed, inspected, or cleaned today.