Appliance installers Tampa offer a number of benefits over DIY installations, one of the most important of which is safety. Many times when people consider hiring an installation service, they think first of saving time and energy. In reality, though, safety is just as important a consideration. A bad appliance install can lead to a number of safety hazards, including flooding and fire – resulting in property damage or worse.

Safety Ensured With Appliance Installers Tampa

Dishwashers and clothes dryers may not bring images to mind of flooding and fire, but they are capable of doing a number on your home and even endangering your life if you are not careful. Home appliances like these pull in a lot of power and water during operation, making proper installation essential for their safe operation. It only takes one spark to cause a fire, and only one leak to flood your home.

At DoneRite we stress the importance of proper installation to both our clients and our staff. The rigorous training each of our installers goes through is intended to provide installations that look good, work as intended and meet all safety standards. Because of this, all of our work is insured against defects and damage to your home or property.

The Dangers

Clothes dryers provide an excellent example of the potential hazards of improper appliance installation. Your dryer must produce a substantial amount of heat to get your clothes dry in a timely manner. To do this, it pulls in electricity or gas for heat and expels that heat through a vent to the exterior of your home. If either the energy input or the heat output of the dryer is compromised, you have the possibility of a fire on your hands.

Lint, a natural byproduct of the drying process, can collect in a poorly designed vent or a vent that does not see periodic maintenance. The heat from the dryer can ignite this lint. The fact that many people leave their dryers on when they are away from home, or after they go to sleep, makes a possibility like this even more dangerous.

At DoneRite, we make sure that your dryer vent has minimal obstructions to keep lint accumulation low. We also offer periodic service to keep your vent and ventilation hose clean.

Our experienced appliance installers know how to install your appliances to meet all safety codes and regulations. The peace of mind this provides is invaluable – something you just can’t get when you try the DIY approach.