With so many brands, models and styles of washing machines on the market, shopping for a new one can be an overwhelming process. In addition to choosing the washer that’s right for you, you have to think about delivery and installation logistics and fees. For now, forget about who will install washer hoses, and focus first on finding a machine that will suit your home’s space and your family’s needs. Here are five steps to navigating the market and picking out the best washer.

  • Set a budget. A washing machine is no small investment, and special bells and whistles can easily drive up the price. Set a cap on how much you want to spend, including installation and delivery costs.
  • Compare various models. Take a look at the features and benefits of washers that are within your price range. Reading online reviews written by owners of particular washing machines is helpful, too, to whittle down your short list.
  • Determine size and space. Measure the space in your laundry area where the washer will sit. An ill-fitting appliance will make installation, repairs and maintenance difficult.
  • Factor in the cost of delivery and installation. Often, consumers forget about appliance stores charging for the delivery and installation of the unit. To save money, find a way to bring home the washer yourself.
  • Look at used washing machines. Another way you can cut costs is to consider buying a used washer from a reputable source. Just make sure to test the washer and make sure it works as it should, before putting your money down on it.

No matter what kind of washing machine you settle on buying, you’ll want to have it professionally installed so that it performs properly on day one. DoneRite Home Services in Tampa will install washer pumps, hoses, and other parts. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, call DoneRite at 813-374-3938 to have your washing machine installed the right way.