When summer is the season, nothing beats an ice cold glass of water on a hot, sunny afternoon. To combat the high temperatures, you may find yourself returning to your refrigerator’s ice maker several times throughout the day, filling your cup with ice cubes to make the drink even more refreshing. Yet, if something goes wrong with the ice maker, it can make your summer slightly miserable. To recognize whether you’ll need either a new ice maker installation or repair, here are five common problems that may cause ice makers to malfunction:

  • The ice maker does not make ice. If the ice maker fails to perform its main function, which is to make ice, the issue could be with a bent or broken water supply line. Other parts may need repair as well, and may require the expertise of a technician versed in ice maker repair.
  • Ice does not come out of the dispenser. In some cases, the dispenser may be jammed with ice. Frozen obstructions can be removed easily. A mechanical problem will have to be fixed by a technician.
  • The ice is the incorrect size. Cubes that are too big or too small can be altered by adjusting a knob that regulates their size. If your ice maker does not include the size feature and the cubes are formed smaller than usual, the appliance may not be getting the right amount of water.
  • The ice is discolored or tastes bad. Old food in the refrigerator or freezer may contribute to unsavory-flavored ice. If foul food is the source, throw it out along with the batch of ice. Clean the insides of the ice maker, fridge and freezer with water and vinegar. If this approach does not solve the problem, the water supply line may be responsible for the yucky taste and color of ice cubes.
  • The ice maker leaks. If you notice that the ice maker is leaking, it could be an indicator that the ice machine or refrigerator is not level with the ground. If the water supply line has a kink in it, it could also cause a leak.

Make sure summer stays enjoyable with a working ice maker. If you encounter any of these problems with your ice machine, or if your refrigerator/freezer unit requires brand-new ice maker installation, contact DoneRite Home Services to get the job done. Call 813-374-3938 to enjoy iced drinks all summer long.