Some people question the value of hiring a professional home appliance installation Tampa service. When you are shopping for appliances like dishwashers, ovens, washers or dryers, at first glance they might appear relatively straightforward in how they work and what they will require to install. If you choose to install them yourself, though, you will soon discover that there is a lot more to the process than you thought. By the time you finish with the installation, you may be wishing you’d just called in a professional.

Three Problems with DIY Installation

Before you begin your DIY project, consider these three questions:

Will it Work?

You are purchasing a new appliance to meet a specific need. While with smaller appliances it is sometimes possible to just plug and go, most major appliances require specific inputs and outputs to function correctly. If these inputs and outputs are not configured right, your nice new appliance may not work the way you expect.

Your dishwasher, for instance, needs water and electricity, as well as a way to drain the water it uses. While there are times where you can pop out an old dishwasher and plug a new one right in, there are also situations where you have to reconfigure water connections and power connections – no easy task if you are unfamiliar with plumbing and electrical work.

Will it Look Good?

You have a specific place you want to install your appliance. Sometimes, though, the appliance you buy is larger or smaller than the one you previously owned. Uninstalling an old appliance and reinstalling a new one often results in damage to the surrounding counters, cabinets and flooring as well, even if the old and new are of similar size.

At DoneRite, we know how to install and uninstall with minimal damage. We also have the skills necessary to fix and install flooring, countertops, and cabinets. So if your new appliance is a different size, we can adjust the surrounding area to keep your home looking exactly as you want.

Will it Meet Codes?

Like any other city, Tampa has building codes that you must meet when making changes to your house, whether you are installing a new bathroom or a new dishwasher. At DoneRite, meeting these codes is just part of what we do.

Home Appliance Installation Tampa

Doing your own installation may be possible, but will it work, will it look good, and will it meet city codes? When you hire DoneRite to install your appliance, you know the answer to all three of these questions will always be “Yes”.